Monday, July 25, 2011

More cream sheers for french pleat...

Another 39 meters of sheers in off whites....

These sheers will go with the goblet valances and french pleated night curtains which are all ready a week ago.

All are for Puan Ton..She dropped by this morning and was so happy that her new curtains are almost ready .And now she wants me to cover her six dining chair as well..Oh dear!......She has chosen the materials and i told her i need to check my work  list and get back to her soon.....hmmmm...sempat ke tak sempat nih..the money is good is so boring to talk about...never can get enough of it....and so so hard to live without...adeh!....ohhh.the devil in me...give it a rest!

And on to a different note.. .. i made some pillows to throw on the sofa.Nothing like a sofa full of pillows to invite customers into my show room cum work station.

I like these duo...particularly the lace..


  1. The laces make the pillow so feminine.

  2. Yes Zai...laces are romantically link to feminity kan...