Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am getting better..

Thank you friends for all the well wishes....special thanx to the wonder pill...PANADOL  and not forgetting clarinase (for my running nose),breacol(for my cough)..Who says you can't be a doctor...huhuhu....

But the weather is a scorcher..Keluar aje rumah rasa nak pitam..So i stayed indoors and the sewing machine kept me company...but don't let me bore you with the curtain talk and the photos of work in progress..tetiba rasa nak muntah menengok langsir yang beratur panjang tuh...Naseb baik my seamstress is in good health and she is the anchor  person at the moment and keeping the ball rolling..

Still not in the mood to upload photos...the flu is still lingering and reluctant to leave i am going to hit the sack early.Toodle peeps...

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  1. Get well soon. Hoping for your speedy recovery. Take care ya Kak Ros