Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yati's dining chair is cying out for help...

This handsome chair may look tired and worn out but it is still sturdy and strong..I am going to cover it ( and 5 more ,there are six all together)with a heavy maroon corduroy fabric kain baldu yang tebal and berat..great material for upholstery....hope i don't break too many needles while at it...The plain green material will be the 2 inch border all round the skirt..Jom layan mata...

As the material is rather heavy i will choose a simple pattern to avoid broken needles..
 I will only get to sew this after CNY....long weekend starting tomorow huhuhu.


  1. my dining chair is also crying outfor help hehehe

  2. You can easily sew 6 covers at one seating kan Mila....you are very enthusiastic...nak tak nak aje..hihihi