Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jom Jahit Apron dengan TiniHani.

My apron is ready..It actually takes only a few hours to get done....the frills were left over from a comforter project which i work on a couple of months ago.And since this pattern has been my old time favourite.. making it was a breeze...tapi terkial-kial lah jugak..sebab kejap2 kene  tukar benang

I have attached a velcro for easy wear..i am always in a hurry to get the cooking tying with my hands at the back is quite a hassle..

And since i get bored easily,i have made mine in two but matching colors..sort like reversible gitu....there is also small pocket in the middle... on the green side... to snuggle my hand phone.

The floral frills are fabric from ELYZA,the plain green chintz is from TEJANI HOLDINGS
The yellow fabric with vegetable motifs  is from ELYZA

Maybe now i need to change my curtain valance at the kitchen...huhuhu

For more curtain  patterns hop to TiniHani


  1. cantiknye...suka kaler ijau tu..good idea guna velcro nie, ye la nak cepat senang guna velcro, terkial2 klo guna tali nie

  2. wow, even the frills are reversible, how did u do that... really look like 2 diff aprons... cantik..

  3. Hi Lily,its fun doing things reversible.only problem is it gets a bit bulky while sewing and tension on the needle..also simple to do ..but heck i am not good at posting tutorials..Will try and gather more pics and show them off as tuts...tunggu lah ya.

  4. kalau tempah apron tu brape harganye ye?

  5. Hi Arina..Tempah apron Rm25 aje.

  6. bagusnyer idea akak tampal velcro tu.. x payah susah2 nak ikat kan..
    comel apron akak.. sexy jugak dengan ruffle tu.. :D

  7. MamaDaniel....memang sexy apron nih..and because ianye besar ,bila sarung nampak macam baju pulak..and because the material is 50% cotton and50% polyester,udah lag panas....hahaha..masak with the aircon on!