Tuesday, February 22, 2011

With all my recent energies focussed to my studio cleanup life has been very busy.

I am not going to lie but my compulsive hoarding tendencies have created a lot of curtains,cusions ,tea pot and blender cosys,table cloths,slip covers and not forgetting uncut materials being accumulated over a span of 10 years.As much as i like to create and sell but sometimes certain things just couldn't get into the hearts of every one and thats the reason for the mountain of stash.As at today there are about 50 over boxes and about 10 are awaiting for takers.I like to work on the simple priciple that if things are being kept for more than 5 years  then it just have to go...A few people are coming to view tomorrow.. ...hopefully my babies...... my stash.. will get new owners...sob,sob,sob...

And on to a more lively tone...take a look at this sweet little craft..

It comes in pairs...

Such tedious work and it cost only RM2.50 for a set of two..


  1. Salam Nykolett,

    Nice blog. Keep up the good job. All the best to you ;-)