Thursday, February 10, 2011

The upside down story of my lovely pockets.

I never knew certain things look lovely in an upside down position like this organizer which i made a couple of years ago....ini memang gambar ulang tayang ehh.

Actually i have forgotten how to construct  bell pockets..i am also not quite sure if that is the correct name for these style pockets...Anyway pockets in any shape are my best friends..mana tak nye!you can stuff anything into it and made life more organized..But this particular organizer ,one of my favourites,was brought down and emptied because it needs to be cleaned and i need to recap how to sew it...well i just got a new staff and i need to train her up..macam mana nak ajar anak murid kalau cikgu pun dah lupa..hmmmmm

 See i told you..the first photo is lovelier than the second my eyes only lah kan..


  1. very pretty organiser, I would love have one for me for my sewing room. I love green...

  2. Yes Daffy,my love too...the cool serene green ehh.

  3. cikgu kena cari kat archive.. mesti jumpa balik camna nak buat haha

    cantik ler organiser tuh, kalau letak kat wardrobe, buat isi anak2 kecik cantik betul.. well organise gitu. tetiba rasa mcm nak buat satu

  4. Yes work station udah jadi macam arkib negara...sat neka benda ade...kekadang dah lupa..time berkemas baru jumpe..hihihi.. i will be moving sedang giat mengemas..memang spring cleaning...

  5. I agree, the upside picture is nicer, maybe cause we can see the inside of the pocket..

    it is called bellows pocket. Very neat organizer kak.. would you share some tips how to make the back sturdy and not plop over when the pockets are filled..?

  6. Hahaha...thanx kak tertinggal huruf O and W lah ya...Bellows pocket..Sure i will show you how i do mine..stay tune ya while i collect more pics.