Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gathering of scraps for the apron sew along with TiniHani.

While in the midst of moving to my new work station i am in high spirits to join the apron sew along spree with TiniHani.Come take a look what scraps ( big ones...)i found in my mountain high stash.

Well mine will be a reversible apron and large enough to cover DH huge body..He gets domestic once in the blue moon.So i am hoping that he can fit into this apron too,but the frilly edges will definetly annoy him.Oh well i am the one who frequents the kitchen so its me to decide isn't it.And since the shop was a bit quiet this morning i even manage to put the bits and pieces about high spirits...ahah,ahah,ahah

So looks like 60% is ready.Should be completed before the dateline...28th february...


  1. When you mention about DH going to wear it.. (without reading the rest yet) I have been thingking.. nak ke guys wearing things with ruffles hahaha..

    very nice combination kak ros, the plain green tuh oilcloth ke? macam water resistable fabric jerr.. revisible ruffle tuu pon cantik sgt....good idea also, tak perlu nak pikir nak jahit kecik2 kat tepi tuh or nak tukar benang jahit tepi:)

  2. aha Mila...DH said no way he is gonna wear that apron even in the privacy of our own kitchen..Jadik nye i have to get in more pleats to downsize the apron and fit the slim me!

    The green to nampak aje macam berminyak tapi bila da cuci dia jadik lembut is plain cotton.