Friday, February 11, 2011

My daughter was a HELLO KITTY fanatic..

Caution..this is going to be a long post..

Do you all remember the Hello Kitty fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio......Once upon a time the trademark hit the whole world like wild fire..Bukan budak2 aje kene target...mak budak pun terikut2 sama....Semua product kat major superstores have Hello Kitty adorn on almost everything,dolls,clothes,jeweleries,comforters...the list is endless kan.....

So tadi masa i berkemas my ARKIB...(aka work station...hahaha memang macam arkib negara... jumpa( tak hilang pun..cuma long forgotten).
 another organizer belonging to my daughter
Sedih tengok betapa buruknye organizer ni di mamah usia...sebab tu lah da masuk arkib i made this when my daughter was 13 years old...she is ...going to be 23 years old...unlike the organizer my daughter is getting preetier...kalau mak tak puji siapa nak puji..hihihi..dah 10 years old but still look sturdy except for the colour which has faded tremendously..I brought it home this afternoon,wash it thoroughly....naseb baik tak koyak///and thanx to the glorious sunny day it got dry within a good hour and a half.Now its hanging on the window of her room...she is in college...kalau dia ade dia akan menjerit....dia tak suka bende yang dah buruk...

Sue from My Botang Crafty Corner wants to know how i make the back sturdy.Simple aje..i just quilt the old fashion way using sponge..lebih murah and firmer than batting fiber.And then i insert a rod on top so that it can hang majesticly without toppling when the pockets are fully stuff.The length of the rod should be just the size of the organizer.

Some of the rods that you can use are...

The humble curtain track.

The alluminium rod that are also use for roman blinds.

The S shaped wire

Just make a small opening on the top of the organizer and slip the rod through the opening like this pic.
The small opening.

Here i have inserted a white colour curtain rod and the S shaped wire.
Sorry  i can't show you how i put the rod in..No camera man to help out..After its done you can handstitch the little opening back in place.

Another alternative would be to sew tabs using velcro like the following pics.

See nicely hung...but somehow  i prefer putting the rod inside the organizer.. will look more sturdy..


  1. kak ros.. any tips tak camna nak jahit sponge tak? pernah try tp span tu either koyak or jahitannyer jadi kecik sgt. mcm tak bergerak

  2. thank you for the tips kak Ros and the how to..really helpful..

  3. Mila....bawa sponge kene lapik dengan kain cotton..baru bole jahit..kalau tak lapik sponge memang tak bole gerak...i always like to handstitch the 3 friends (the top material,the sponge and the cotton material )together before i machine stitch..that way all the three friends are intact.

  4. Thanks kak ros for the tip.. ingatkan bole buat mcm batting tuh, jahit dulu top material ngan batting, then baru cantum dgn lining hehehe. salah teknik rupanya.