Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy monday.....

Its  true that Sunday is a day of rest...............but  i have been working every sunday for the last three weeks...yikes..tak kaya jugak tapi syukur hidup bahagia seadanye. .,and today it has taken its toll on me....this morning          

I practically drag myself to soon as my girls were in i made a detour home,that's the bonus of being your own boss......of course i drop by the food court and had the most sinful nasi dagang for was so delicious and there goes my diet...ok no dinner tonight..huhuhu

I only return to work almost at closing time at 5pm.So not much work done..  Now lets just share and see the love seater with the new covers i made last week..

and not forgetting the handrest cover for thr torn slip cover..

After fixing the hand rest cover
And the next  reformation work would be this old girl below..

Whatever happen to the back rest....i wonder...and whats a girl to do?..throw out the old chair?nooooo...the chair is stil sturdy good...or sent for re -upholstery...thats going to cost a fortune pulak.....ayoyoyoyo

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