Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new cover for my check book?

Yesterday i saw a beautiful checkbook cover  here.

......and was drooling over it for the past couple of days...which makes me one to replace my too male looking checkbook i made..the first, so excuse for the not so polish make a couple of months ago..

When i am not carrying the checkbook i like to keep it in a zippered like long purse...but when i go to the bank to do any transactions i prefer a simple slip on cover to avoid the hassle of zipping and unzipping..but somehow the color doesnt appeal anymore...hahaha...sebab jealous tengok Venus de Hilo punye canteks sesangat,senang aje nak buat...but must choose something that is not too girly and catchy.. ....my next before going to bed project..Rasa nak buat hari ni cuti maulud....tapi DH is in the house..shhhhhh


  1. you're right. it's simple using a simple slip. using zipper sometime the book or else can get stuck at zipper

  2. So true Griya...I was caught once the zipper got stuck!hahaha..embarassing situation...