Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adious Roller Blind,hello VALANCE

Look at this beautiful roller blind.Today ,oh yes another working sunday, am not complainig,love the monetary return..huhuhu,i had to bring it down for Puan Roseminah to make way for the traditional curtain valance.So here are the pics..

This is the roller blind..has been in this kitchen more than 5 years i reckon.The price now can easily fetch about Rm500.
This is the newly curtain valance.(double layer).Cost only RM350 inclusive of the single alluminium trek and installation.
Here is another 2 panel valance in the same kitchen area.Costs Rm200.


  1. cantikler double layer camni... emmm ni yg terfikir nak menambah layer kat langsir dapur tuh hahaha

  2. Yes ,Mila double layer means double cantik..and not forgetting double costs...hihihi

  3. saya pun suka double layer tu... cantikss!