Monday, February 14, 2011

Hollang Lace di Andaman Ukay Pedana...

For those who have been following my babblings since the new year,you might still remember the holland lace that needed extension... its already up this morning..But it was a really windy day and i had problem trying to keep the curtain steady for this photo shoot..So after fighting with the wind.. here it is...

Curtain at the kitchen
This lace is hanging at the Bay window in the main living.
There is a 19 inchs drop valance in front of the lace backdrop.
Now i will take you into the guest room pulak..Also in  lace but this lace is Ipoh mali....not too bad bila dah jadi...

A simple french pleat with frills on both elegant..
And i also sew a table cover for her dining in cream ( material from ELYZA) with a boxpleat drop of 10 inchs..The red lace in the middle is also from Holland.

Should have remove all the decorative things on the maroon lace for a better shot of the lace..but segan pulak dengan puan rumah...hihihi


  1. Oh the curtain are so pretty,i wish could also buy one of these.but believe it or not it so much of dust here, the cream turn into brown within few days. Anyway hv a great day

  2. We also have equal amount of dust here but the beauty of whites is you just need to soak in water and the dust will be washed off easily..Give it a try Daffy

  3. Hi there.. where can i get that lovely lace curtain?
    how much is the cost?