Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't take photos at night...

But since i am sooo busy during the day,and this is going to last for the next couple of weeks,i had no choice ...taboo or not..snap,snap,snap... so this Alin's huge diaper bag..this photos were snap at 10.30 pm..She wants it in Paisley blue as she is expecting a boy..

This huge bag is 12 inch tall,base is 10 inch x 16 inch and 22 inch wide at the top opening.There are 4 pockets inside and 4 more on the outside.

The strap is 31 inch long
expandable side pockets for baby bottles.When button is unsnap you get a bigger pocket.
When button is snap the bag size is reduce and vice- versa. 


  1. wahh kak ros.. really having fun with bag making yerr..

    I like the idea of expandable bag... kalau tak banyak barang, takde ler nampak gedabak sgt kan

  2. i love it kak ros!!very pretty!!