Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Semalam jadi penunggu.....boringnye...

The week started with the installation of curtain tracks,rod and roman blind for 07-01-block A,Suria Jelatek Residence...ini cerita semalam...I had to supervise work just to be sure they are done to my specification..It is time like this i wish i own a portable broadband... almost 3 hours baru siap..bole mati kebosanan..Well,you can't have them all...The knocking and drilling didn't allow any kind of decent conversation among us...me,the owner and 2 installers.....Well ..while that is going on at Suria Jelatek,back at my work station work was taking shape...Today is the third day working on this project and i am happy to say that we are 80% done..All the french pleat night curtains and day curtains are ready hung...and what is left are those which needed fine tune details....

Some of the ready curtains piling up awaiting for my quality control check

The Goblet with fabric button
The eyelet  curtain
The Roman Blind..without the system


  1. kalau saya.. maunya dah tertido tuh hehehe

  2. Mila...norem..The house dah lah tak furnish ,lampu pun belum install..so tak bole amik gambar..naseb baik ade aircon kat living and master room...kak duduk atas lantai mengadap aircon..tak mau tertidor sebab bising bunyi drill..