Friday, March 25, 2011

All done and up hanged!

Yes..Curtains for Suria Jelatek has been successfully completed..Unfortunately i cannot share the photos because apartment  is still not furnish...bukan setakat takde kerusi dan meja...hmmm lampu pun not install...therefore all the photos did not turn out well...But at least the roman blinds look ok,as the master room is facing the hot morning sun which enable me to snap some good quality photos to share.

When the blind is fully down
When its up what you get is a valance..its like getting two in one
This roman blind is located in the master bedroom.The door at  the side is leading into the toilet.Normally i do not recommend a night curtain at the back of a roman blind as it  is quite redundant..just sheers would suffice.But since the room is overlooking closely to another skyline apartment i feel a thick curtain will yield more privacy during the day when the blind is pull up.But it is still a matter of individual preference.

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