Friday, March 11, 2011

More on pelmets and a brief tut on how to attach tabs...

As i have promise myself today i went hunting for fabrics at NAGOYA..So manage to grab materials for 3 sets of pelmet and polyester cotton sheers for the solat room.I think i am going to meet the dateline for Madam Senior's tahlil on the 24 march.And heres a peek...

The 3 pelmets are ready cut

These tulips are for her solat room

And here is a show on the work process for attaching  tabs on a curtain......

For the tabs cut 6 inch x 12 inch strips as much tab as you want

This long strip measures 3 inch x the width of the ready curtain.This is use to close up the tabs ..and let me term it as the header.
Place the tabs at 5 inch apart.At the same time attach the header along the way to cover the base of the tabs.

This is how the tabs look ..the header is still not stitch yet
The female velcro is attach at the V of the tab and the male will be attached on the front side of the header at the base of the tabs.
Now is the time to stitch up the header.
And you are almost done...the only thing left is to attach the male velcro on the front top of the header.
The male velcro is sewn  at the base of the tab and  top front of the header

Hahaha....kelakar tutorial kali ni...Hope i did not confuse anyone.By the way will show how to construct the V shaped tabs in a later entry...

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