Friday, March 18, 2011

Its done!Can't believe it ...completed 4 days ahead of schedule..

PUTRA APPARTMENT  completed officially today.,despite being short of staff have been absent for the past two days to be at the bedside of an ailing can i turn down her leave...that would be evil...isn't it? But i have to fill in for her pulak.....alamak.......

Its a bonus if you being boss can also sew...oleh kerana kita pun sama2 menyembah mesin ..siapa kata boss duduk mengarah aje ehh...??? itu yang dapat complete according to schedule....way ahead of the scheduled time...bless me and the finale is the kitchen ...

But the real reason why i bulldoze through these PUTRA APPARTMENT job ...had lovely time while at it because i can't wait to dig into these yummy fabrics.......

The night curtains parading...
The sheers line up.....
No roses this time around..... 

 They are all for 07-01-Block  A,SURIA JELATEK RESIDENCE...Yay...gotcha!

And the patterns line up swirling around in my head are:

Box Pleat with cascade
Roman Blind
Ruffled scallop

Must sound greek to some ehh...anyway stay tune for updates..


  1. Rose, if KDee were to be somewhere near you, will definitely lent a hand at least I can learn something interesting like so.... no wages needed.... belanja makan mee goreng mamak tiap2 hari dah okay dah!! Serious! :D

  2. wah, u r goin t be sooo busy ya. geram tgk fabric cntek2 nih. ntah bila la rmh kat lestari puchong tu nk siap2. can't wait to use all d yummy fabrics i saw...

  3. all those curtains were definitely beautiful! thumbs up to you kak ros!

  4. i will surely take up your lovely offer...kejap2 kite bole makan...depan ade warung makan!

  5. Rosh...begini lah kisah nye...tiap2 minggu terkejar2 menjahit,menggantung,memotong lalalalala

  6. Nadia...wah baru balik bercuti ya!Sure segar bugar untuk menjahit ..Pulun buat beg apa pulak lepas ni?hihihi

  7. wowo kak ros.. cantiknya yg bunga2 pink tuh utk kitchen tuh... jatuh chenta jap.