Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is the right hooks to use...

Hari ni jom kite bebel pasal curtain hooks..I think a lot people have seen drapery hooks,but not every one knows how to use them correctly.So the most common hooks used in most homes are the 4 legged hooks.Come lets take a look.

 The four legs when inserted into the pockets of the curtain header will form the three beautiful pleats.
But depending on the pattern sometimes you might need to use the single legged hooks.This ready machine pleated curtain call for the use of a single hook..This pattern is great if you are a busy working wife/mother as you only need to insert into one pocket of the curtain tape.


  1. Baru 2 hari lepas I mengajar anak2 teruna bab curtain hooks yg 4 kaki ni. The difference between the day and nite curtain 4-leg hooks. Dia kata Mama cerewet until I explain the difficulty when trying to hook the day curtain using the nite curtain hook.


  2. Wynn...bukan cerewet..mama teliti..hanya jauhari yang mengenal manikam kan,kan,kan!