Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breathless Wednesday...

Today is one long marathon cutting day...nothing new for me actually...but since i did not leave my work station at all,well only short meal break,tu yang rasa tercungap-cungap...Among other things,I had to cut 3 pelmets,that really drained me out....Lets take a peek of all the WIPs..and let me just give a short tutorial of one pelmet....along the way...

Place the template on the fabric.
Pin to secure the template and the fabric
Cut the fabric in accordance to  the template
When its done flip the other side of the fabric over the template
Put more pins to secure the fabric and the template,and cut the fabric below following the template above.
When everything is done just dump it to the machine and my girls will take up from that stage on wards.Will post the pics of the ready pelmets later in the week ehh.And i also cut a curtain valance for a small kitchen.Lets take a look.

And its ready in a jiffy....thanx to favourite seamstress..huhuhu

And there is also the curtain eyelet in smoky blue...

I just love the smoky blue and the circle design...sure it is for a boy's room...That is my new girl Juli training up on fixing the eyelets..for a first timer she is good and a fast learner!

And not forgetting the white frilly comforter which was finally ready after my new girl, Juli struggled getting the frills done,but did not pass my quality control test..this calls for more practice on her part...

And to unwind later in the evening i made a bag for me self ...still not completed yet,but i will still show  off a bit..

Embellish with lace which are still in pins..
I don't like the handles!errrrr
Again like is reversible


  1. Ros, tabik kat you, all those were done in one day.... amazing..... you are superb!

  2. kak ros buat apa pun memang cantik dan beg2 kak ros semuanya makin mengancam!

  3. KakDee,kalau dah periuk nasi kite kan,kene lah gegas berkerja....hihihi

  4. aimila...kekadang kantoi jugak kerjatangan kak Rose..Dah tu semua nak try buat dalam masa singkat..

  5. wahhh productive betul.. I wish I can sew all the day mcm kak ros... bestkan..

  6. Mila....sememang-memangnye best kalau bole buat ape yang kite suka setiap masa....sepanjang hari,sepanjang tahun huhuhu...tapi dah jadi periuk nasi kene lah serius jugak kan...customer comes first....buat beg2 merapu tu kemudian...

  7. cantiknye...i tried once to do the valence like the green stripes, try buat template ikut my preference... but it turned out to be horrible...

  8. Faizlily...oh ye ke!kene buat selalu baru bole master the teknik.

  9. hi nykolett,, boleh tak saya nak tanya sikit...

    kat mana nak dapat template utk valance yang colour brown tu? boleh share kat saya tak?

  10. Salam Sharifah...template to saya lukis sendiri.Kain pengeras tu pula kak Rose beli di kedai pembekal alat2 jahitan Kim Loong di Lorong Haji Taib..Chow kit road.

  11. oh.. lukis sendiri... kalau tak keberatan... boleh tak send kat saya satu...hihihi.. nak bagi mak mertua... dia dok cari-cari..kesian dier

  12. Sharifah,saya perlu ukuran lebar tingkap sebelum melakar ke atas peggeras tu..Template tu tidak bolih dilipat to avoid creases..Nanti dah siap can you come and collect it?