Monday, March 14, 2011

Its Monday...and back to work!

Today we begin sewing the floral materials for all 3 rooms in my current project at PUTRA APPARTMENTS.We started with the master room.As much as i like roses,but this is a little bit too much .....for my tired eyes...huhuhu....Just to break the monotony of the floral design i have opted to use plain material for the details like the bias and the ribbons on the ready valances..I am not revealing much now, but i am so excited to get it done with... hahaha...... but maybe  a slight peek...and the valance pattern for all the 3 rooms is TANGO BELLS..Only the  master bedroom is ready this evening....size of window is 94 inch width  by 92 inch in length ....valance drop is 20 inch.

The Blue Tango Bells
The Night Curtain is in Big Roses.
 At the same time the 2 pelmets for Madam Senior majlis tahlil are also taking shape.

The V shape is in the middle .

The top pelmet on the left is 95 inch long and 18 inch drop,while the bottom pelmet is 118 inch long and 18 inch at the V,Both pelmets are 15 inch at the shortest and 18 inch at the V and the two ends.


  1. uihh cantiknye..siap ada reben tue..pandai akak jahit langsir, nurul jahit bj kurung pun xtau hehe

  2. I wonder... The fabric for Madam senior tuh is really cost u less than RM10 ke? If not mistaken u have mentioned somewhere that she requested for fabby budget RM10 kan?

  3. SewLove...Kak Rose masih belajar menjahit langsir...tak pro lagi...Nurul kalau ade minat dan rajin menjahit tentu bole buat jugak..

  4. Mila,the sheers for bilik solat is RM8.00pm,while the pelmet material is RM7.00pm..this unbeatable price can only be obtain at NAGOYA