Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to insert the single needle hook ....

As at today we have completed the two sets of Pinch Pleated valance.This is how they look ready fold.

Just lay the ready valance on the table,the back facing up along the edge of the table.
See..theres a tiny pocket at the base of the header..
Just slide in the needle hook gently,no effort needed if you do it correctly..
One in...another almost done...Simply done..This valance is 120 inch long and takes about 33 pin needles.
A few pin hooks already affix here....more to be done..

And heres a show of the last Tango Bells valance in PURPLE

This is going up in  the children's room...


  1. salam kak..Cantik r yg Tango Bells curtains ni....susah tak nak buatnya.......ada tutorial ker???hehehhe..ingat nak buat tuk rumah Zura raya ni......

  2. Wasalam Azura..Masa mula2 buat dulu memang rumit.But now dah selalu terima tempahan kerja dah bertambah senang.Kak dapat ilham dari Pate-Meadows Designs.Ade tutorial.Cuba lah masuk ke websitenye.